Kandor's Scissor Korner - products

Hey, guys, just letting folks know I now have six videos for sale. I'm going to be selling them off my site, kandor.net, soon as I get a company to do the credit card thing (it's a member site, but the company that does membership doesn't sell products, just memberships. This stuff is new to me, bear with me). But for now it's a cash-and-carry deal, or bank check/money order. These are scenario-based videos, not competitive. Stills from the videos are on my site.

Aunt Nancy: With Nancy Novak. Nancy is a frumpily dressed widow grieving over her husband, when nephew Kan comes to visit and make her feel better, telling her he'll do all the fun things with her that Uncle used to do. That's fine with Aunt Nancy, but that also includes wrestling! She takes him to the couch and floor with tons of brutal scissors and facesits, losing her frumpy dress to destroy him in bikini top and thong. Nancy is Nancy, so there's an abundance of scissors, facesittting, pussy and ass worship,this one's very sexual in nature, as only Nancy can make it, with the action moving to the bedroom and Kan is forced to lick the sweat from her bodacious ta-ta's! Nancy's website is nancynovakfemdomwrestling.com, but these videos are not for sale there.

Alimony Squeeze: With Nancy Novak. Nancy is an enforcement officer who kidnaps Al and forces him to pay up his back alimony and child support. She leads him into the room with hands tied behind his back and proceeds to destroy him with crushing body and headscissors, twisting joint locks and facesitting. She's dressed in tiny tight mini.

Send a Squeeze: With Nancy Novak. Al hears a knock on his door and in comes the VERY scantily clad Nancy, telling him she's from "Send A Squeeze," a company that sends leggy women to homes for special occasions. This one is Al's birthday, and the squeeze gift is courtesy of his best friend, Kandor. Well, Al's trying to kick the squeeze habit so he tries showing her the door, but she's already been paid so she turns it loose on him with scissors and sits, her huge, rugged thighs devouring him over and over. He agrees to pay her her fee if she just stops so she calls Kandor to tell him, and an angry Kandor shows up to bitch that she's double dipping. So then she takes them BOTH to the floor with her legs, including a most unique double headscissor hold and also a double choker where she uses her calves to crush both necks at once!

Scissored Smoking Cessation: With Nancy Novak. Kandor's busted. Nancy finds out he's still smoking despite telling her he'd quit, and while dressed in the slinkiest of tiny red dresses, she proceeds to employ her own brand of smoking cessation using her legs for a little aversion therapy! Nancy's brutal anyway but she's particulary so in this one. Early on, she'd cracked her nose against Kandor's head so she was NOT in the best of moods for the rest of the shoot and it showed. Kandor purples up, veins bulging, eyes puffy and watery as she totally and savagely brutalizes him in unbelievably crushing headscissors, front, rear and figure four. At the end when he's "cured" she sticks a butt in his mouth - a cigarette butt and HER butt - as she gets him to quit smoking.

TIP (To Inflict Pain): With Flame Dragan (flamedragan.com). The fiery young redhead plays a waitress in very short, clingy dress who comes to Al's room demanding he make good on a skimpy tip he'd left in the hotel where she works as a waitress. Al says tip stands for "to insure promptness," and berates her waitressing ability. She takes tip to mean "to inflict pain" in this case, and does she ever with brutal scissor holds, twisting joint locks and nasty facesits. She gets her way and in the end gets a tip - of 100 percent! Flame is very animated in this one, verbally AND physically dominating him from the start. This vid's not for sale on her site, but do check her out, she's new to the wrestling session scene and she's one to watch, young, VERY pretty, capable and with firm yet fleshy legs and ass that kill!

A Runner's Leg: With Flame Dragan. Kandor is coach of an interntational track team who's dared cut Svetlana from the starting lineup. She comes to his room in sinfully sexy short, tight purple shorts, very tiny tank top, white socks and red sneakers demanding she be put back on the squad. Kandor remains firm and tells her "you don't have the legs to be a track star" -and Svetlana puts her firm leg to work on his skull! She's very animated, peppering dominant dialogue throughout a video just loaded with powerful headscissors, bodyscissors and face-engulfing sits with a thick, creamy ass. She gets back on the team at the end as her vibrating headscissors knocks Kandor out cold!

Those are all the videos I have so far (more to come, plus older ones I'll be selling soon). All films are $35 and that INCLUDES postage and handling. All videos are at least 45 minutes in length.

For ordering information, drop me a line at kandor876@aol.com