LEGS NEEDED! (as always)

As you may know, I've taken to making videos over the last few years, mostly for wrestling girls on the circuit who then sell them on their own. But I want to start making and selling them on MY own .. hell, if I'm gonna get my head squeezed blue on film, might as well make a few bucks, anyway.

That said, I'm putting out a casting call for local talent, i.e., Boston/Rhode Island area. If you are a woman interested in this, or know of any, drop me a line. It's pretty easy work, actually, for decent money, which I'll discuss with the woman when we connect.

I will always welcome the chance to film with the usual cast of traveling characters, the bodybuilders who come to Boston, but I'd really love to start making "every woman" videos, that woman-next-door look, middle-aged women with decent legs, college athletes looking for a few extra bucks, waitresses (they ALWAYS have great legs), secretaries, construction workers, you name it, so long as they are female! And obviously, 18 and older, if you please.

Thanks. Contact me if you are a leggy, interested woman, or know of one, at kandor876@aol.com