Hey, fellas, just thought I'd make things interesting and mix up the writing styles a bit by asking anyone with an inclination to write a scissor story they'd like to see on my site to do so. Obviously, they should be scissor-heavy stories and as sexual as you care to make them, but facesitting and ballbusting themes are also welcome, as is foot worship..just sprinkle some scissors into it. The only other criteria is that characters in a story that has ANY sex at all, even alluded to, be 18 or older.

Not all stories will make the cut, as I'm sure you can imagine. I'm not looking for award-winning shit here, believe me, but it has to be reasonably decent, readable, somewhat believable and with enough oomph to make a reader's groin tingle (how's that for criteria, huh?).

If I choose your story (might pass it by a few of my online, scissor-minded friends for review as well), I'll give you one month's free membership; when your term expires, I'll tack on an extra month. And by all means, WOMEN are welcome to write to me anytime with scissor stories or hell, even their thoughts on scissoring. But no pretenders to the throne; I hate guys passing themselves off as women and can usually easily spot a phony.

That's it, just looking for a little variety. I take it most of you guys like my stuff or you wouldn't have joined, but it never hurts to have a change of voice from time to time, give things a little perspective.

If you do want to submit a story, paste it within the body of an email and write to I would prefer no attachments, too risky, know what I mean?

Thanks for listening, and if you take part in this, thanks for writing!