The Art of Scissor Destruction

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David has just finished mowing Vicki's lawn and is looking for his payment. She's busy working out (it's LEG day) and yells for him to come in. He takes one look at her MAGNIFICENT legs and his mouth goes dry. Vicki knows exactly what effect her long powerful legs have on men, and some women. She finishes her extensions and gives him a friendly greeting then starts working on her hamstring curls. She could have paid him first, but that would be no fun. David can't help himself. He walks over and feels her luscious tush. Vicki thinks to herself, "Checkmate". Instead of getting angry and kicking his puny ass, Vicki clenches her full round glutes so David can feel how rock hard they are. Then she invites him to put his hand between her thighs. She scissors his hand and challenges him to try to pull it out, knowing there's no way in hell he can do it. She squeezes his hand so hard that it goes numb. David is astounded and aroused by this. Next Vicki goes to work on her adductor muscles. She places a ball between her knees, and using just her adductor muscles, she squeezes it with all her might for one hundred reps. David can't believe how much her awesome thighs flatten the ball. She tells him that she normally has to buy a new ball every couple of weeks because they keep popping. Well Vicki KNOWS how wound up David is as she playfully reaches out with her foot and strokes his erection. She offers to wrap her legs around him so he can feel their strength for himself. He agrees, and joins a growing number of crushed corpses who have experienced Vicki's Lethal Leg Strength.

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