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Photos here are courtesy of Weilin Dragoon, whose site is, submitted to me by her webmaster. I wrestled Weilin a couple of years ago for a video done for Heather Fine's company. Don't ask why it hasn't been released yet, i've no idea, you'll have to ask Heather. But the premise was she was a judo master as was Al, also in the film, and she was putting the moves on him. He balks, and she scissors him senseless. I came in halfway through to "rescue" him,and she turns on me. I have to say, she trashed me on film in a way like I have seldom been trashed, she was honestly one of hte most brutal women I've ever been crushed by, she switched from savage scissors to devastating facesits to agonizing pins, and back again. We filmed like one 10-minute segment that was so brutal, Al stopped filming just to see if I were still alive. Honest to shit, she's a powerhouse, or was then. Check her out if you can.

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